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Well this is embarrassing (Graphene Related)


So being honest I am a big fan of Adams products but have not had decent longevity with anything they sell. LPS, Patriot, etc.  I even had bad results with an Adams ceramic job which in my opinion was caused by improper instructions after a product change in Adams original ceramic. Actually, I was told this by customer service.


 It left a bad taste in my mouth for Adams protection products and I was led to another brand that was a hybrid ceramic spray wax. Was cheap, easy to apply and in my opinion worked as well as anything Adams I had used.


Because of my results with other brand I recommended it to a few friends.  On a whim I decided to try Graphene on my truck.  Little learning curve with it as well but in the end I got a decent coating on the truck and am very happy with it.


I had a little bit of the graphene left in the bottle so I thought I would do half my wifes hood with it and see how it held up over the winter. At the same time I did the other half of the hood with this other brand product.


Picture below. Graphene on the right, brand X on the left.  EDIT: this was after 3 hand washes with Adams shampoo!


I already have another ceramic kit sitting on the shelf ready to do her car when we have a free weekend.





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