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Trading food for a shine


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I have been eating rather well recently between the Chef daughter and a gourmet cook originally from Albanian, there is just no lack of quality and quantity.  While I am always in charge of bringing the wine, I try to take care of whatever I can.  Over the last week, we've had home made Beef Wellington, Albanian lasagna, homemade bread, multiple desserts, breakfast pastries and much more.   I also know that our Christmas dinner will have a 4 rib bone in roast for the main course and well I did not splurge for the Wagyu, it is a top of a the line roast.  In addition to paying for the roast, wine and multiple other items, I decided to take care of the cooks Equinox.   


Here is a sample of the items that I received in traded:






This is what I did in turn for what is shown above.









I'm sure I am getting the better end of the deal, even though the SUV came out pretty good


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22 hours ago, Nickfire20 said:

Mmmmm creme brûlée!  My mouth is water!


Wait a second... you turned down wagyu?! 

oh yea the nox looks great 😂👍

I have had Wagyu and Kobe several times and would never turned them down, but I did decline to purchase wagyu for the Christmas dinner.  If you have never checked out Allen Brothers, I recommend doing so and I will give them my personal endorsement. 

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