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Hello! I'm a complete noob to auto detailing, but recently bought a new car. Since I don't have a garage, I started researching how to keep it looking beautiful in the colorado sun and snow. I had no idea how complex the topic is! I could have a full-time job with the hours I've spent watching videos, reading blogs, etc. Thanks to everyone on this forum - it's been so valuable delving into your posts on products and techniques. Ironically, one of my first jobs was being a Lot Attendant at a local Acura dealership, so I've washed plenty of cars, but was doing it all wrong, elbow-deep in chamois! Here's my first wash with Adam's products. I will definitely be seeking your advice and expertise moving forward!




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Welcome to the Forum Michelle.  It sure looks like you learned a lot of the video's and forum, the Palisade looks great.  I like the wheels you got and if you haven't already picked up the Wheel and Tire Cleaner, I'll recommend adding it to your next order.   Also, if you take a look at some of the pictures that Rich recently posted of his Equinox or that I posted of my Daughters Jag, the Graphene Detail Spray puts an unbelievable shine on Black vehicles.

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