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Graphene Detail Spray vs Spray Wax


Hey guys,


I'm running out of Spray Wax and wanted to see if there's any benefit of switching over to Graphene Detail Spray. 


I usually do Optiseal once or twice a year

HGG every four to six weeks

Spray Wax as drying aid for every wash


I really like Spray Wax after it's done, but it usually wears off pretty quickly. I'm guessing because of the carnuba.


Would the graphene detail spray last longer? I love the shine and slickness of the Spray Wax.



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I prefer Spray Wax on the side windows and back window, everything else gets Graphene Detail Spray at this point.   I have been using Spray Wax on the side windows and rear window for about 5 months and have found it holds up well for one to two weeks, it doesn't streak when the window goes up or down and has a nice reflective property from the outside.

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I prefer CS3. I find it to last about a month or so and it goes on Oh so nice! It looks thin in the bottle but it feels thick when applied. 

I think CS3 is the best all around product Adam's makes. It has so many uses and it can replace your Spray wax, Detail spray and Waterless wash.Hell if you want to push it it can replace your toppers. Every time I get away from CS3 and try other stuff as well as the other stuff may work, CS3 I find superior.


 I have not tried the Graphene Detail spray yet but Plan on trying out all the Graphene products.

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