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New Member and New to Adams Polishes!

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Hello everyone, I've been reading on these forums the past few weeks and figured I would join and be a more active member.  Just recently got introduced to Adams products and hoping to learn more about the product line.  While the products are straight forward for the most part I did get a little overwhelmed with some of them as far as being compatible with other products but feel that I am learning which is good.  Historically I've always just used Mothers or Meguiars to care for my cars but recently tried the Adams detail spray and interior detailer and was really impressed and just placed an order for some more products not too long ago so looking forward to trying them out. 

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Welcome to the forum @QuickSilver20! Detail Spray and Interior Detailer are both a very great start to our product line, since they're some of our top-sellers and are both very easy to use. Interior Detailer with Microban is one of my favorite products, and I use it every 1-2 weeks in my car to keep it looking factory fresh. I love that it has a no-gloss finish.

While there are a large number of products that can certainly be overwhelming, we try to group them together in kits and explain the benefits of each in our product videos, write-ups, and discussions on here. You may find that the most overwhelming area comes from exterior protection products, which can be broken up into a few specific categories: Ceramic Coatings (including the new graphene-infused products), Sealants, and Waxes.


There is sometimes confusion as to which products to use and in what order. For example: "I have Buttery Wax, Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating, Brilliant Glaze, Rinse + Coat, Ceramic Boost, Detail Spray, and Paint Sealant - what's the best order to apply these?" This example is exaggerated, but the takeaway is that we have different options that work well together with their specific protection category, but you don't necessarily need or want to apply every product to one vehicle. Many factors such as intended use of the vehicle, time restraints, or comfort level of applying certain products like ceramic coatings can all weigh in on what product(s) a customer may want to use or may work best for their particular vehicle.  

Determining what may work best, troubleshooting problems and answering questions, and discussing tips and troubleshooting techniques are why we're all here. We have a pretty awesome community, with a wealth of knowledge and friendly help so please don't hesitate to ask any questions :)

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Thank you everyone for the welcomes!  I did order the detail spray and the interior detail spray so looking forward to using both of those more!  A while back I ordered the sample kit so got to try everything out and was really impressed with the results so I ordered the full bottles of several products.  And I didn't mean to knock Adams with my comment on being overwhelmed with the choices.  I did find compared to some of the competitors Adams was a lot more straight forward with the product offerings and feel that I am going to start off with the Carnauba based products (buttery wax, detail spray, and spray wax) and then continue learning about the different products and possible move into the ceramic infused products and sprays once the product I just received is used up.  I've always taken good care of my cars but am looking forward to stepping it up with some of these products.  As far as my car I recently just got a WRX.  Don't have any pictures of it yet but will take some this weekend after I try out the buttery wax and post some pictures.  I appreciate the welcome!

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