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Graphene Ceramic Coating on Camper


I recently detailed my girlfriends car and I put Adams Graphene Ceramic Spay coating on it for protection and it’s hydrophobic properties.  Her dad thought it looked so good. He recently asked me if I could put that spray coating on his camper that he just bought. His campers exterior walls are made of a plastic feeling like fiberglass. It isn’t super shiny like a cars paint. I was just wondering if it is something I can put on his camper. I see where Adams says you can put it on anything. Is it safe to put it on there?  

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Hi Jack,  Welcome to the Forum.


When it comes to campers, motorhomes and travels there are a few things to consider.  First and foremost is preparation and maintenance that it takes for any large piece of equipment, don't underestimate the effort.  Do you have a place to get it out of the weather for a few days for the prep and curing?   While it doesn't have to be fully enclosed, you'll want to make sure that it is out of the sun for the duration.   Next up is the volume of product that you'll need and to do it properly you'll need to plan on stripping, claying, polishing, prepping and finally coating.


There are three alternatives to coating that work out very well on large vehicles.  The first is Wash & Wax.  This applied during the wash cycle and will doesn't require all the prep time and still looks great.  If you can wash the camper every few weeks, it will keep looking good and be well projected.  This also makes it a one-stop process for maintenance. 


The other option is to use strip wash or car shampoo followed by H20 Guard and Gloss.  On white vehicles you can't beat what HGG does and how it looks.  It is generally my go to product for while vehicles.


The third option is to use Ceramic Liquid Wax.  This wax requires less prep, lasts for many months and looks great.  You can put it on outside doing small sections at a time, although I will recommend doing it the shade.  If you can use the Ceramic Liquid Wax one a year, you'll be good, especially if follow up with washing it with either Wash & Coat or Wash & Wax.   Just for background, the motor that I recently sold was a 30' Class C and it would take me two days to wash and wax at a minimum.   Just a wash could be done in about 6 hours.

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