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New SeaDoo GTX!


Haven't posted in awhile but have been quietly using my Adam's stuff on my Camaro for 8 years. I get compliments all the time about the condition of the paint because people can't believe its a 2013. So good in fact, that when I replaced my IOM stripes with Hugger Orange stripes in July '20, you could barely see the lines of where the old vinyl was!


My GTX is being delivered in April. I'd like to use Adam's products on it. My search results for "marine" and "salt water" were sub-optimal. Can I get a definitive answer to whether Adam's products are ok to use on gelcoat on a SeaDoo to clean salt water off, and to use H2O G&G to protect it? I don't use the ceramic coatings, but would like assurances on the VRT, cleaners, etc.

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Hi Jim, our products are perfectly safe for use on gel coats! I've detailed several of my friends boats and jet skis using our machine polishes to clean up painted areas, Tire & Rubber Cleaner on rubber areas, and then I've used multiple protection products throughout the years - Paint Sealant, H2O Guard, and Ceramic Spray Coating are the three main that I will use for protection.

I would be careful with VRT, not that it will harm anything, but could leave some surfaces like any foot areas very slippery. I use Ceramic Spray Coating on textured surfaces like Weathertech floor mats in vehicles since it does not make the surface slippery. If there are any vinyl graphics on the SeaDoo, be careful using All Purpose Cleaner, as I have seen the neon green color slightly stain some white vinyl material - Eco All Purpose Cleaner would be a much safer option for heavier cleaning of vinyl.


If you have any other questions, let us know :) 

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