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Best procedure for coating NEW wheels


New wheels be here in couple weeks. Give me the best procedure for Coating them. I have Graphene Ceramic Coating and CS3 & Ceramic Spray Coating. Haven't used the Graphene yet figured this would be the best approach. Here they are, US Mags. Thanks guys...


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Nice wheels Dan! Out of the products that you have, Graphene Ceramic Coating will be the most durable protection, then you could maintain them with CS3. 

Before coating them, you will want to have them mounted and balanced to tires first; otherwise wheel weights can have difficulty sticking or fall off due to reduced surface tension combined with forces from the wheel spinning down the road.

It's important to note that the center sections that look to be a matte or satin finish may have slightly more shine to them after coating - they will look very wet and shiny when you apply the coating, but once it flashes after a few minutes and you wipe the residue away, they will return more to the matte/satin finish. For the outer lip of the wheel, do you know if it is chrome or polished aluminum? If polished aluminum, be sure to use Surface Prep a few times on them over a day or two first, to make sure that they do not have any traces of a cloudy appearance before coating - if you coat them and then the raw aluminum becomes cloudy underneath the coating, you would have to polish it off and start over.

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