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Graphene Coated my 08 F150 Harley

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As the topic states, back in December I wanted to try out the new Graphene ceramic coating on my 2008 F150 Harley Davidson truck. The truck was coated the previous spring with Adams ceramic spray coating and lasted easily throughout the summer with regular washes and the normal upkeep. It stays outside all the time and being a 13 year old truck I wanted to put a coat of longer lasting protection on it. Strip washed, reclayed, 2 step paint correction and coating prep to remove any minor scratches and any old coating. After the normal prep work it was time to ceramic coat it. I found that going slow and taking your time is a key to application. Having the uv light was a major advantage ! So after sitting outside since December and hitting 60 degrees today it was time to get her a bath. Using the new graphene shampoo in my foam cannon and using it to wash the truck was a breeze, high amount of suds and lubricity and here are the results. Wow is what I heard from a couple of my neighbors and one said that's not a 2008 truck ! High remarks to the new graphene line !!












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Looks great!  I have running boards on my Nox and both the Tire Armor and the Graphene Tire Dressing work great on the rubber on the running boards.  Makes them lose that dull look that we're all familiar with. 

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