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Polishing Pad Life


Just curious how long you would expect a foam pad (not microfiber pad) to last, when do a light paint correction on a vehicle.




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The life of a pad is dependent on many factors.  I've had them last so long that I have no idea how old they are.  I have also shredded one within minutes of putting it on - there was a sharp object that I didn't notice.


If you don't over heat the pad, change them often when working on a vehicle, clean and store them properly, you should get 100+ vehicles from each one.  I know I have some that have gone well beyond that and some have been less.  More often than a pad being worn out is catching it on body part and cutting it that way. The ultra soft waxing pads are the ones I go through the most of, they so soft and tear rather easily.


The one way to ruin a good pad is to set it down and forget to clean it for a couple of weeks.  


Even the pad is not longer viable for the Swirl Killer, don't throw it in trash just yet.  Cut it apart into strips.  Those strips can be used to get into the places where a machine won't go.  Between the weather stripping and body panel around the trunk, under the door handles, the end of the hood, hood ornaments, fog lights.  I find places all the time to use a cut up pad where the machine just won't get there.  

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