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Ceramic Boost


Is there any benefit to applying Ceramic Boost a few hours after first coating of graphene ceramic product or is it better to wait until after 24 hours or even 2 weeks and after first wash?  I guess I'm asking what is the optimal time to apply Boost to preserve hydrophobicity, self-cleaning properties, and gloss?  Also, I know with Kamikaze, they recommend 2 products layered over each other and applied within a few hours.  Is there a complimentary product I can use with the graphene ceramic coating (since I read in forum 2 coats of same product is not really beneficial) to extend the desirable effects of the coating or is that basically what Boost is for?  I'm all about the prep before applying my coating, but I don't want all that work to be for nothing or even just 2 years before another coating is needed.  My vehicle is not garage kept and sits in the Colorado sun most days of the year, so I already know most 5+ year products only last about 2 under those conditions.  I just want to get the most I can out of it.

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First, welcome! Be sure to post an intro in the new member forum we can probably welcome you.


Assuming you applied the traditional/small bottle form of the coating, wait a minimum of 24 hours before applying anything, including the Ceramic Boost. If it was the spray version, wait a minimum of 4 hours. Then wait 5 to 7 days before washing either one.


Any of the silica-infused products will work with the Graphene Ceramic Coating, but Graphene Detail Spray and Graphene Shampoo are specifically designed to work hand in hand with it. If you decide to use the Ceramic Boost, use it about monthly or every three to four washes. The Graphene Detail Spray can be used to weekly after each wash.


And you're correct about layering. While either one can be layered, the law of diminishing returns applies when layering ceramic coatings. Instead, you can use the maintenance products Adam's provides to extend the life of and maintain your coating.

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