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Foam Cannon Compatible Pressure Washer?


Hi all,


Hoping someone can help me sort this out.  Just purchased the premium foam cannon.  Need to purchase a pressure washer (electric).  I want to make sure that the washer I get can attach to the foam cannon without buying additional parts.  I don’t know anything about fittings, or attachments, or whichever parts I’d need to get to make it all connect.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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First, welcome to our Forums! Be sure to post an intro so we can properly welcome you.


Any of the pressure washers offered by Adam's are guaranteed to fit and come with everything you'll need. There are simply too many variables with other pressure washers to cover, otherwise. I can tell you some require specialized fittings to be compatible and are available via third party sellers, and specs for the attachments on the Foam Cannon are listed on the website. But since this is a forum for Adam's, links or recommendations from competitors are not allowed to be posted or discussed at length. 


I'll post the links to the pressure washers Adam's sells, hopefully one looks good to you. I've used the first two but not the Landa, and will say they're both great machines and will do really well in your detail arsenal. You might be able to take advantage of the discount codes on the website, usually 15 and sometimes 20% off, too.











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