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Spray Graphene Application


Just Purchased a new Silverado, and planning on coating it with the Spray Graphene. My only concern is some posts that I have read on the plastic trim turning grey after application of ceramic products. I am not new to the detailing game and know I need to prep the trim (Tire and Rubber Cleaner) and then Surface Prep. 

I have never spent this much on a vehicle and hate to screw up all the black trim that it has on it. Just a little nervous and thinking I should just skip all the trim and just coat the paint?

Any thoughts and knowledge would be appreciated. 

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15 minutes ago, The Guz said:

Wipe down any trim to level it out and you will be fine.  



FWIW, I coated my truck (including trim pieces) months ago and it still looks great.  Prep the surfaces properly (as it sounds like you have), apply the product as directed (without over-applying), level as needed, and buff to great shine.  Maintain with Graphene Detail Spray.  Post some pics when you're done.

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