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Ceramic's don't protect from Water Spots.



 Since I started using Ceramics, I noticed that Water Spots after a rain are significant. So much that I think the heavy beading of the Ceramics cause water to pool than leave deposits.


I use to use Paint sealant with a Carnauba topper and I never got water Spots. I also heard the new Graphene products are supposed to address these issues. I love CS3 as my topper but not at the expense of water spots. I had to do a Polish Correction to get rid of the Water Spots and than I topped with a Wax instead of going back to Ceramic Spray.


 Do you think it's wise to go back to a Paint Sealant and wax vs sticking with Ceramics? I didn't try the Graphene and now I don't think I want to IF it's also going to bead water like crazy and then leave water Spots afterwards.


 FYI I have a garage and do a proper maintenance 2 bucket wash. I use Car Shampoo and a foam cannon with Mega Foam or I may use the Car Shampoo as it also works well in the foam cannon. My Issue is my Works parking lot. It has tress surrounding it and it rains a lot in the spring time here in PA. My car is black and will sit in that parking lot a few days at a time as I have a work van I take home many nights due to needing to leave from home to get to the next job on time.


 So I need to address top protection and protection from water Spots or acid Rain. Any suggestions? 

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Graphene Ceramic Coating is less susceptible to water spots than the original Ceramic Coating. Here's a video with more info in the science behind them, Chris explains it better than I ever could.




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I disagree,

 Acid rain will leave nasty rain marks. But you are also right about the dirt on the surface and then when it rains it leaves water Spots.


 So with the above things going on , what would you suggest to put on the paint to protect from this?


Let me explain one more time. I have a Pitch Black car. I have to park it at work which has a ton of trees around it. It's pollen season and after just a few hours , all the cars in the parking lot are covered in Pollen. It's like a green coating all over everything. Then it rains and when the sun comes out it dries up the rain and pollen and leaves water marks everywhere. 


 I'm so pissed at this I want to go buy a car cover and put it over the car while it sits in the parking lot. I have a ceramic spray coating and I maintain it weekly with CS3. 

As explained it was so bad I had to polish off the top surfaces to get the water marks off, Paint Prep after Polish and then re coat. 


Today I washed the car again and guess what? There are some new Water Spots and I just cleaned them up last week. What I can use to protect the paint? Will Paint sealant of Carnauba wax be a better solution than the Ceramic Spray coatings?

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Thank you so much for the replies.


@RayS - How long and how good is the protection from CS3? I have a gallon of it and use it from time to time as a detail spray , drying agent etc.

I know it has some protection but how much? As a topper what can I expect it to help with? 


 I like the idea of a Paste or Liquid wax on top. I think something is going on as I never ever had water spotting issues. Sure bird droppings and pollen but this is the first time I have seen water spots. It's driving me insane. I want to go buy a car cover and put that over my car to help protect it but I have been told they do damage as well.


 I need a Adam's Polish air bubble to put my car in while it's parked at work, I'm a neat freak and it's killing me seeing my car everyday just get trashed just because it has to sit in my works parking lot.

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@Mantis You can also add on top of the Spray Coating (Ceramic or Graphene) the Ceramic Paste or Liquid Wax.  This will add an additional layer of protection and it is easily removed and reapplied without the need to polish the entire vehicle again.  If you are downwind from a plant using coal, a steel mill or other heavy industry factory they can result in additional particulates drifting onto your vehicle or pulled down with rain.  This also works for people we have to park where pigeons regularly roost.


The great thing with doing the top coat is that the coating on the vehicle is protected so these foreign deposits are more easily removed without the need to extensive effort.  You can also continue to use CS3, Graphene Detail Spray and such as you would directly on the coating.


Edit: On the CS3 longevity, I'll leave that question to the experts at Adam's.  What I can tell you is that on my truck, which sits outside 24/7 in the South Carolina sun, the truck still looks good one week later.  As for the pollen it just floats off the truck unless it there has been a heavy dew then it tends to stick, but it comes right off with a rinse.   On the wife's garage queen, it can remain looking good for a couple of weeks.

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