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Graphene coat over 4 months old coating?



Hi, I am new to this forum, hopefully this is the right place for questions. I will keep my question as short as possible.


I paid a shop to perform a color correction on a new car late last year, then I applied the Adam's Graphene coating myself. My car got into a car accident 2 weeks after the coating and need to replace the fender and bumper.


3 months after the car is fixed and painted, I purchased a new bottle of Adam's Graphene coating. I am planning to wash and clay the whole car, then do a quick polish to the new painted area only. Since I have the whole bottle, is it okay to apply another layer on top of the existing coating?


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The more I read your question, I don't think you should layer it. Applying the traditional/small bottle form so long after the first probably won't bond well, and may be a waste of effort, frankly. Use something else to maintain what you already have like Graphene Detail Spray and Graphene Shampoo.

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