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Ceramic on a canvas top?

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I'll be 100% honest here. I've heard I can protect my cloth top too on my Vette, and I know many on here who say they've tried it with great success. But I've never been brave enough to put it on mine.  I started years ago with the most popular rag top cleaner and protectant, and that's worked fine for me. Still use it. It's my own hangup and I'm not saying anything against Adam's or those who use it. I just have a hard time rationalizing putting something with a 10 hardness on a cloth top.  Hard and cloth just doesn't seem to go together to me. 

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I had a sacrificial tonneau cover and convertible top that I was able to experiment with using the Ceramic Spray Coating and both turned out great.  Since then I have done multiple tonneau covers and convertible tops.  A sacrificial top or tonneau is one that is in poor condition that has reached their end of life and need to be replaced.


The most important thing is the prep. The top has to be clean and conditioned with a compatible conditioner.  I know Adam's has a product for the tops, but I have not used it yet on a top.  I have found that according to the material used either Ragg Topp or 303 Aerospace conditioner will work better than the other and the only way to find out is to test it.  Once the top has been conditioned, it needs to sit inside for at least a day to be 100% dry and cured.   Once I get another sacrificial top or tonneau cover, then I am going to do one with Adam Fabric Protector and see how it reacts.  

For the application of the Spray Coating, I used a Adam's Gray Microfiber Applicator Pad and put the spray on it. Going in one direction only, I cover about 1 foot square, then I go across covering the same 1 foot.  Wait about 30 seconds and using a Borderless Gray towel, vigorously rub the area to make sure you get it well levelled.   Then do the next foot and repeat the process.  I start from one corner working my way out and across in block to ensure the overlap is consistent and even without section drying too long.


Just keep in mind there is no polishing off the ceramic from a top or tonneau cover, so it is a risk if you choose to do it.  A convertible top replacement can easily run a couple thousand and tonneau covers can go from a few hundred to over $1,000.


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