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CS3 and Graphene detail mix...

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Got a question for everyone... Love the CS3 but just purchased the CS3 Graphene and I love it... I've still got about a third of a gallon of CS3 can I mix in a 16oz Graphene detail spray into it and use that mixed so I don't have to wait till I use up all the CS3 before... Anyway would that work as a "custom blend" of CS3 Graphene... What do you guys think... Thanks everyone.

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Hi Johnny,

I had a similar situation and decided not to mix them.   My reasoning was that I didn't want the dilute the Graphene CS3 and I had enough vehicles with regular ceramic coatings that I knew I'd work through the original CS3.  When I first started that routine, I was using the original CS3 about 3 times for one time of the Graphene CS3 and now it is about the opposite.  I'm down to maybe 24 ounces of the original left and within another month so, that will be gone. 


Of note, the original CS3 works good for doing the bug removal even on Graphene coated vehicles.  I'll grab the original CS3, do the front end to get the bugs off and then do the entire vehicle with the Graphene CS3 afterwards.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah that was what I was thinking also... Was just wondering if anyone had had any luck going that route... Appreciate the advice... Thanks... 👍

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