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Car Shampoo , Lets talk about the wash

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So I enjoy Car Shampoo and have tried all the other offerings. I have Graphene Shampoo but have not used it yet. I was thinking about the wash and I think Adam's can improve here. Lets forget about adding protection to the wash or maybe leave a protection in a wash but I think Graphene might not be exactly where it needs to be yet.


 Anyway , I wanna to offer a suggestion to up the game , make a car shampoo better than anything that has been made. Make it so when you use it, you're very proud to use it. It can cost more , that's fine. Anything in life worth using is going to cost more than others on the market that might not be of the same quality. 


 So currently my favorite is still Car Shampoo, it's simple no protection and it works but I don't delute it as heavy as suggested on the bottle , I use more to get the lube I prefer. I prefer not to mare my paint by using not enough product, I'm not interested in saving pennies and risking scratching my paint. 


 So Can you out due all the shampoos you have made? Car Shampoo is getting older and I think it's time to step up the game, not baby steps but a knock out of the part Car Shampoo with the best Lubes in it , the best quality materials to offer something better than anyone else is currently offering. Charge whatever you want for it but I can tell you, some of us Adam's fans if not all of us will want to see what you can come up with.


 This is my suggestion box , my hope and challenge.

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C151EC59-5D45-4EBF-AF1A-521241E35118.thumb.jpeg.c05f7d6346952d80ff2244c7b16d9e28.jpegI did a wash today with Car Shampoo in the Tire bucket and Ultra Foam in the foam cannon and Wash bucket. Both soaps work very well. I still have not opened Graphene Car Shampoo.822B0223-DBE4-46AA-B991-F76F472CFE1F.thumb.jpeg.41d9919753f0a7c9689ba5ae5f9e2f32.jpeg


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I use the ultra foam for my foam canon step followed by the graphene shampoo for my hand-wash step and I have to say I find the graphene noticeably slicker than the standard shampoo. Give it a shot, I like it a lot more than the standard. 

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Yeah I'm a Car Shampoo kinda guy and I have been using it for years. We buy it by the gallon and honestly. I only purchased the Graphene Car Shampoo to try out all the new Graphene stuff.

 I plan on opening it up at some point and trying it out. 

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