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Minor Correct and Polish



I am going to apply the Graphene  Spray Advanced Ceramic tomorrow and I just completes the paint correction today.  The paint was not in bad shape and really only needed some minor correction in a few areas.  Besides not being a daily driver it is garage kept and I have a very strict wash method, so swirls and small scratches are never a real issue.  After a full bath a few days ago I did the plastic baggy test to see if I needed to clay the finish and the paint was smooth as can be seeing I did a full clay of the paint a year ago.  

So I started with the One Step Polish and the One Step Pad and did the areas that show paint correction needed.  I then switched over to the plan polish and white pad for the majority of the car.  Tomorrow I will wipe the car down with the Surface Prep and then apply the Graphene Advance Spray coating.

Here are a few shots of the polish and correction.




Garage Rear2.jpg

Nose Garage.jpg


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That color is going to be stellar when your done! Hope you have sun glasses, lol.

I liked the like the looks of my vehicles with coatings both spray and 60ml bottle and graphene and just ceramic. You should be very impressed I would think.

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