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Adams Tire and Rubber Cleaner vs Wheel and Tire



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The Tire and Rubber Cleaner is designed for the tires only and you would use a separate product such as Wheel Cleaner or Eco Wheel Cleaner on delicate wheels.  Whereas Tire and Wheel cleaner will do a good job on both with just one product.  I've found that using Tire and Wheel clean on Ceramic or Graphene Coated wheels works exceptionally well.  The tires look good and the coating is not affected.  Of course with coated wheels the shampoo alone will take off the majority of the contaminants. 


I detail a lot of different vehicles so I keep Eco Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Tire and Rubber Cleaner and Wheel & Tire Cleaner in stock.  I use more Wheel & Tire Cleaner than the others combined since I have found it to be an excellent all around cleaner.   Of note, some tires have compounds that are challenging to get even with any product.  I know there have been some challenges with Continental and Dunlop motorcycle tires and it appears to be specific tire compounds, not the Adams products since other models from same manufacturers seem to have no problem. 


If I were limited to only having one of the four products, it would be Wheel & Tire Cleaner.  Don't forget to add the Graphene Tire Dressing after getting the tires clean if you like a nice deep shine on your tires otherwise VRT is a good choice.

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4 hours ago, acheely5 said:

So use the Wheel & Tire Cleaner for the wheel portion of the cleaner? It seems like it does both but maybe not as well on the tire portion as Tire and Rubber cleaner?


Yes, use it on the whole thing, with some caveats explained in the article above.

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