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DETAIL CLINIC @ ADAM'S Warehouse Torrance

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Hello Everyone,


I am excited to announce a Detail Clinic this Sat. 4/18 at Adam's warehouse in Torrance. This will be hosted by Adam's Team Members and expert detailers Rob White and Ashley Wilson. I know this is short notice but it will be an awesome very informative clinic. Ashley and Rob will demonstrate every product and personally give one on one advice. Even better than that you get to try Adam's on your vehicle at the clinic for FREE! The clinic starts at 9am


Adam's warehouse is located at 2020 W. 166th St. Torrance, Ca. 90504 :patriot:



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can I go??





For those who have not been to a clinic the ones at the warehouse are great. And with Rob and Ashley hosting it'll be a great chance to meet some Pro's and get one on one advice from some long time Adam's Team member's

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Hi Andrew,


You just show up. Rob and Ashley will demonstrate how to detail from washing, claying, polishing, and waxing which will take about an hour. Then, they will let you try out any products out on your own car to see how you like them. During that time they will be available to you for questions and recomendations. It will be a very easy going and relaxed atmosphere. The clinic time varies based on attendance. It will go at least till noon and later if needed.

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Right on, Thanks for the quick reply. I have some of your products I bought a year or so ago and just am looking for a refresher on how to use them. Also I need to try to get swirls out of my GF's black Golf that the body shop swears is not in the paint. The tried 3 times to get the swirls out and insist its normal, the problem is they had just painted it. So I cant see how swirls are normal. Anyways, I will be there.



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Don't sweat it, something tells me there will be another in a month or so Dylan . . . . . . . :thumbsup:


Oh sure... NOW you post it... I've already commited to taking the wife and kid to Disneyland on the 18th. :help:
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