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What I did on my last day of vacation


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Don't you all know, you're should not jump out of perfectly good airplane.:willy:





I'm thinking the plane would need to be on fire to get me to jump out :jester:


Or full of snakes !!!! Hey, that would make a good movie :lol::lol::lol:



Ok, maybe it would make a really bad movie :(

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Right on Rich! (I can't open the video for some reason, can you upload it to YouTube so we can embed the player in your post?)


I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane over Venice, Italy in 1996. It was unbelievable, unforgettable, and one of the greatest rushes of my life. My little brother and I had about 100 beers before the jump, and while I speak Italian, I did not understand the words for 'pull cord, parachute, and all of the technical terms of sky diving.


Highly recommended activity, and good for you for having a video done Rich!



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Believe me -- if you had seen the old, tiny plane we went up in, you'd uderstand that I was actually quite glad to be rigged up to a pro with a chute! :lolsmack:


It was really a blast. I was mostly nervous in the days leading UP to the jump, but once I was there the guys at Mesquite Skydive were really great and make it relaxed and enjoyable. My stomach did flip when they opened the door at altitude, but other than that I was surprisingly not nervous at all.


Here's the video on youtube. The youtube filters strip out the audio, but you still get the experience. Enjoy!


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