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Long Time Adams User. 1st Day Joining the site.

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Wow I didnt know Adam has a Membership site. Found out today when we were exchanging emails. Glad to be here. Ive been using Adams Products for almost 8 years now on my show trucks. Its the best there is.


This is Elvira who was proudly shown in Adams Magazine ads.




And this is Big Bird. A Stock Ford Truck that Ford made 500 of in a very limited edition.


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B Pappy I just entered two trucks in that car show. Thanks and I'll see you there. Now all I have to do is find someone to drive one of the trucks there. LOL

Cool, it's a nice venue for a car show, on the grass of the athletic field. Bring lots of money for the bake auction at noon, Ill be the auctioneer. Not sure who I will leave in charge of my Adam's booth though.

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I might be able to help.

Thanks, I was just kidding though. My wife will probably be there and Joe Everett has said he would come by and keep me in line.

I need you out on the field bidding in the bake auction. It sounds corny, but we get a lot of nice & unique items (I'll tie a cookie to an Adams product & raffle it off) and last year we raised over $1000.00 on the auction alone.


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WOW an old friend! I just got a chill up my spine....hows it goin Lynn I met you when you brought Elvira to the Heatwave show in Austin TX I think it was 6 years ago(I was 18 years old).....i talked to you alot on FTW.....I still have the magazine you autographed for me when Elvira was on the cover of FTW magazine....at the time I was still driving the lowered extended cab 1993 F150....Elvira was what really made me want a Lightning:bow:and wouldnt ya know I got one of my own. It's good to have you on here buddy....I looked up to your truck ever since the first time I saw it in person and I still do to this day.

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