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Absolutely amazing products!!!



Hello Everyone. I ordered Adams Absolute Essentials kit several months ago along with several other products. Yesterday was finally nice enough for me to give the GTO a complete detail. It was in pretty rough shape...and I can honestly say that now it looks better than the day I picked her up at the dealer! Based on all the great reviews, I was expecting great results but I was honestly blown away!!! I think Adams is by far the best products I have ever used...and I have used them all. I was a long time Zaino user and also tropicare...but am now completely hooked on Adams. The swirl and haze remover is spectactular. I have before and after shots which I will post later tonight! Thank you Adam and team for an amazing product!


Sorry everyone for the delay with the pics (I was away on a business trip) but here they are (let me know what you think).











































Thanks for all the welcomes and nice comments everyone! BTW - I have much better pics but they are in my gf's camera...I'll post later.

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Thanks guys..I really am amazed! I just came in from finishing of the hood with some BSG. Unbelievable depth in the paint. Is BSG carnuba based?

not sure on that question but ive been told that it doesn't really have any protective properties, just gives you that "wet" look.

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good to hear man....and welcome to the site:hi:


did you use the swirl and haze remover by hand? ive got some on order and im ready to see how good it will work on my truck....it bein black swirls drive me nuts!



I used the SHR with my porter cable and the 2nd gen orange "Swirl Killer" pad...it was an awesome combination. If you don't have one, I would strongly recommend an orbital...especially having a black car. I had some pretty serious swirls on my hood (more like scratches than minor swirls) and they came out with very little effort. The hood looks absolutely flawless now, even under a flourecent light. But to answer your question...no, sorry I have no experience using SHR by hand.

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