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So many products so much to learn



hello everyone,


obviously i am new to the detailing so i am trying to figure all of this out. i hope this does not turn out too long because i have some questions:


I purchased the detailing kit which includes SHR, PC, FMP and Machine superwax.


I believe on my first try i eliminated about 85% of the swirl marks (there were just so many and my vehicle was in the hot sun) that i could not complete in the time i had alotted. So i moved to the FMP. That appeared to work very well. Then moved onto the Superwax.


The vette looks great! but i need to practice and learn more about the products so if you all could help. My main objective for all of my hard work is a nice deep extremely shiny car. So to get that am i on the right track?


Should i be investigating the Carnuba wax?

Everyone talks about the revive polish but that did not come in my kit. Should i be looking into that more?

Also, what is up with the Brilliant spray glaze?

Even the detail spray can i use that to get the "wet" look?


Any advice would be great. I think i have found my product line just need to learn my favorite combinations......

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It won't take long to get the hang of what to use and when - Adam's products are insanely user friendly! You also have the forums here to back you up!


To draw a comparison - Adam's has Swirl/Haze Remover & Fine Machine Polish and two pads to pick from (Orange & White). Another product line I use has 11 (yes, 11) polishes and 8 pad flavors to pick from...and on top of that, the label isn't in English! :willy:

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