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Greetings from SW Ohio


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Hi! I'm new to the forum and Adam's polishes.


I took the plunge today and ordered a bunch of Adam's products, including the detail kit with a PC buffer, clay, wash kit, and MF towels/applicators.


I was at one time a detail fanatic, but I had fallen off the detailing wagon, so to speak, for the last several years. I was thinking that I needed to get some wax on the wife's car and the G8 when I realized that we have owned her vehicle a little over 3 years and I've never waxed it!


I started going through my products in the garage to see if I needed to get any supplies and I quickly found that all my products were several years old at a minimum and all my buffer bonnets were trash. I then tried to find foam bonnets to fit my old B&D 9" buffer only to find that no one seems to carry them any more. I had always used Meguair's products and gotten good results, but after reading on several forums I frequend about the results people are getting with Adam's products I decided to give them a try. I watched several of the detailing videos and realized that my technique of the last 20 years could definitely stand some improvement. I decided at that point to get rid of all my old stuff and also upgrade to a PC buffer. I had always gotten good shine and smoothness, but I always seemed to struggle with swirl marks. I'm excited to give the new buffer a try with the Adam's products and a revised technique.

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Thanks! I'm really curious to see what Adam's does on our cars. The Pacifica and G8 have really high levels of metalflake so I bet they will look incredible.


I'm working on a new engine for the Corvette so hopefully it will see the sun later this summer for the first time in nearly 4 years. It definitely will need the full finish treatment after sitting for so long.

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Here are a couple of pictures.


1989 Corvette -- Taken about 2 years ago on the day I pulled the motor. It has 51,000 miles, and I'm the original owner. I'm almost finished building a 500 HP 383 for it. Hopefully it will be back on the road this summer. Right now it's covered with a 6 mil sheet of plastic and has a bunch of cardboard boxes stacked on the hood. :(




2009 Pontiac G8 GT -- Took delivery 2/27/09. It looks pretty good in the picture, but the dealer prep was horrible. It has holograms and small scratches all over it and it desperately needs to be clayed.




I don't have any pictures of the Pacifica, but you can see its partial reflection in the above picture. :lol:


I'll get before and after pics when I start detailing. :pc:

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