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Adams Pro-Series Pressure Washer (Pressure Switch Gone Bad?)

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Hello All,

I run a small detail shop in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. I purchased a Pro-Series Pressure Washer a year ago and it has been an absolute work horse! Great power, reliability, etc. As of late, it hasn't been shutting off when I release the gun trigger. The pressure washer works flawlessly but now I have to run over to the machine to toggle the on/off switch which is getting to be a pain and as we all know TIME IS MONEY! I'm wondering if the pressure switch has gone bad or maybe I need to do some maintenance cleaning. I'm pretty mechanical and could repair it myself I just need to know where to purchase the right parts.  Thank You! - Sheldon Gibson Owner @GibsonSpeedShine

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Hi Sheldon,
Small world - the house right between Lamoka lake and Waneta lake was my mothers, being from Dundee I have little doubt you know where that is.  My step-brother still lives in Tyrone.


As for the pressure washer, contact customer service and they will most certainly be able to help you.  


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