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Mind Blowing Talent!


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Talent... Yes he is talented...


Crazy, Insane, Mentally handicapped? There has to be something else to go along with that talent... No way in hell I would try any of that, except the first part where he fell, I can do that pretty good!

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Unreal! How the heck do you learn to do that -- how many bones do you have to break along the way?!?

My GFs son does stunt bike riding. He has broken a few bones along the way.


He wears a helmet to protect his head but that doesn't protect the other body parts.


He is now being sponsored by Monster Drinks and is traveling around the US. :rockon:


Its fun to watch but not so fun to see them crash and burn.

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I'm just glad to see him wearing a helmet. The one where he jumped down into the tunnel and then all the people came around the corner and looked down to see the splat! lol


Awesome! Truly Awesome.


He's gotten better since I showed him all my tricks...



yeah right...

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