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Adam's Judge Kit is back for a limited time!

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For a limited time get our stellar Judge Kit! It's back, improved, and comes with a special bonus!




Adam's Judge Kit


The right products and the right accessories to get the judges to see what you've always known: your car is a winner! For a limited we'll include a FREE 4oz Adam's Glass Cleaner!

Whether you are a show veteran or it's your first time in the running for the gold you know you need the edge when competition is tight. This kit is that edge! The right products, right accessories, and our great training DVD are all included in this kit to ensure that when it's time to shine - you'll wow the judges! It's our goal to make each and every time you stand back to admire your car seem like love at first sight. This is the kit to do it!


Kit includes: Adam's Detail Spray, Adam's Vinyl Rubber and Tire dressing, Adam's Brilliant Spray Glaze, Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray, Adam's True Blue Microfiber towel, Adam's Premium Tire Sponge, Adam's Microfiber Applicator pad, Adam's instructional DVD



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