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I have two spots on my truck that need SHR. I will never use a whole bottle in a years time. Could you produce a smaller bottle like a 4oz that could be used with the white pad! I have overspray in two spots that claying and standing on the PC did not clear up. I just need that "little" bit more.


Just a thought!



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It's tough for us to break down our polishes and waxes into 4 oz bottles due to the method we pour product into our bottles. When you can do though is pick up a 16oz bottle, use what you need, then sell the rest to a group of friends! Show them a before and after and they'll just on it!

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I separated about 2 OZ into a 4 OZ bottle out of what I had left... I would give you more, but I only have about 3 or 4 oz left (Need to order a bottle myself)


PM me your address and I will send this out to you and you can give it a try...

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Got the E-Mail Brian...


I will get it sent out as soon as I can... working 13 hour shifts this week so it might be first next week before I can. I will keep you updated.


When ever you get the chance. No rush at all!! Thanks again!:cheers:

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