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Feel like helping future customers ease into professional product use? Here's how!


I just enabled a 1-5 star w/ comment field rating system on our site. If you have a moment please leave comments, feedback, or reviews on your favorite products! It's a very simple process:


Log in to your AdamsPolishes.com account.

View the product you'd like to leave a comment on.

At the bottom of the page you'll see the fields you get to fill out - done!


Thanks you in advance for your help!:bow:

Edited by Adam
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BTW I should have mentioned this is a trial run only. :cheers:

This is a great idea. It helps people not familiar with Adams and the forums to get an idea of what to expect from the products right from the product page. Great for first time buyers.

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From a corporate standpoint adding the pictures was a great move, I'm confident these ratings will do the same thing! I'm going to try to remove the bar graph though, it seems pointless.



It was a great move! And it's clear that alot of people rely on reviews before purchasing products. I left some pretty nasty reviews on some of the products :jester: j/k

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Going though a lot of the ratings left behind I've noticed many of your email addresses on your AdamsPolishes.com account don't match your email addresses listed with the forum. I'll be able to get you your special discount codes I'll just need some patience while I match accounts :cheers:

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I agree this feedback is what people are looking for before they spend their hard earned money in this bad economy. People want products that work and they will pay for it. I have posted ratings and reviews on the products that have used thank you Adam for the great products you offer

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