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I use a lawn sprinkler



As we all don't, I assume, go thru automatic car washes, this is how I clean my undercarriage. Especially with a Vette that is low to the ground.


Wheel wells are easy to get to with the hose, but the rest of the bottom is difficult.


So, a few times a year I set the lawn sprinkler in front of the car, hose going under to the rear, I turn the sprinkler on and drag the hose / sprinkler from the front to the rear to clean the bottom.


I figure most new cars / trucks are well protected from water, so I use this method without too much concern.


Now, maybe Adam, if he thinks this is not such a crazy idea, could come up with something that would run cleaner thru first, then the water as a rinse.

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Something like this maybe?


Im sure there are other options out there.


There ya go. Maybe suck up some Adam's APC and blast the bottom.


I think any sprinkler works well, you would be surprised the junk that falls out from under. It mostly shows results for daily driven cars / trucks that accumulate all kinds of stuff.

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