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Water spots? WHAT water spots?


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Had a customer come in yesterday (Sunday) with an '04 Highlander. Black. Asked if I could remove the water spots.


Said that I'd "give it a shot". What Y'all think?


Before: (after wash)




No, that is NOT dirt on the hood, that is the result of the water spots:help::help:







50/50 shots






and after:








final shots:

(mirror before up there, and now....)




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The process was pretty simple,


wash twice (tree sap on hood and roof)

Clay the whole vehicle (LOVE the DS!:2thumbs:)

wipe the DS off with the "most awesomest" blue microfiber towels:D

2 passes of Pinnacle's Advanced Swirl Remover - with the PC set on 6:rockon: (FMP wasn't abrasive enough, I tried:o)

LCC 5.5" orange pad ( Adams Gen 2 was too large for the nooks and crannies)

Adams FMP with the LCC white pad

Pinnacle's Signature Series 2 carnauba paste wax applied with the Gen 2 black pad set on 3.5/4.5 (or is it gray?;))to finish it all up

Buff off with the rest of my blue towels

VRT on all the black stuff

UCS in the wheel wells

cash check:glasses:

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Thanks guys


Wal*mart put the tires on backwards:mad: and she didn't want me to clean the wheels..... I just couldn't help myself:willy:


When she came to pick it up she said "Man that thing is SHINY, dayum, I got whitewalls again....."


She was so happy, she told me that her previous detailer couldn't fix it. That detailer is considered a "drive by detailer" which means that he drives by, splashes water on your car, then drives off:mad:

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