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Dented leather



The bone head that put the baby seats in my wifes Jeep put one in where the buckle was push against the seat and made a dent in it. The seats are leather and was wondering how best to get this dent out! The dent is in the seat back. Would steam work okay?














The bone head was me!:loser:

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what has worked for me in the past as both of my cars are leather and each have a child seat in them:


Park in a sunny spot on a reasonably warm day and leave the windows up.

Let the interior get nice and toasty.

Apply a generous helping of your preferred *cough*ADAMS*cough* leather conditioner

Be sure to really work the product into the surface, seriously massage it in good

Pull it back into the garage and let it cool down


I've done this to remove some 'seat dents' on my TBSS, it took doing this 2x on consecutive weekends and now you'd never know it was there.

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