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This is job I took on for a someone. The story is the vehicle was inherited by a family member and it was left in bad shape.

These are some before photo's







after some polishing!


What the clay looked like!


The interior after some crazy cleaning and VRT


......and some after photos





The photos really don't do this thing justice. It was bad, my wife (thank god she was there) had to use soap and water to clean the interior and the water was black!. Then we had to use a commercial upholstery cleaner on all the carpet and seats cleaned. The engine bay was cleaned the VRT was applied. The paint I had to use a heavy compound after the clay because of bad scratches and old bird droppings (which did scar the paint). Then a fine compound followed by FMP then MSW. The passenger side head light was faded to the point you could not see the chrome inside. I was a long job, but the vehicle had sentimental value so I was glad to help.

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