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American wax on American steel



Disclaimer: It has been raining every day since Wed and the car has NOT been washed. Just detail sprayed the areas for wax ONLY everything else is dirty/unwashed. I do not possess the ability to wait when I get a new toy. I HAVE to play with it immediately.:banana:



Here we go.



Detail spray only past the fuel door..... before:




After the wax....




the 50/50 line is at the rear of the fuel door....




no before pics of the fender and hood, so here are the afters:






and the 50/50 line is that Gawd awful golf ball dent in the hood. Wax to the windshield...




and the wax itself. Notice the white ring.... it goes farther down than I am willing to remove........ took a knife and removed the top layer.





Maybe it's because it is about 15 seconds from raining again and there is NO sunshine within 500 miles from here to dance off the paint, but I just can't see the difference. I DO feel the difference though. I will wash, clay, polish and wax when the weather breaks. The polish alone usually makes the metal flake "pop" in direct sunlight. Stay tuned:glasses:


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It has rained off and on all night and throughout the day today:mad:


There was a break in the weather around noon, so I decided to dry the car and apply some more wax. All I can say is WOW!! The parts that were waxed last night still look wet, MUCH better than yesterday. Maybe it was the weather and lack of sun yesterday, but it looks better today!:banana:


30-40% chance of rain EVERY day for the next 7 days:mad: so the polish will have to wait.

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