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My truck... Finally Adamized.


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This is my 1998 F150 4X4 that I ordered from the factory back in '97 and took delivery at the end of September '97. It has done just shy of 90,000 miles and is all pretty stock except for a CAI, and some other small things. It has the 5.4L Triton engine in it and I have to say this truck has treated me MORE than right in the almost 12 years I've owned it. It now gets about 2-3 thousand miles a year on it at the most as it's no longer my DD. It's a great truck worthy of being Adamized.


I think it came out pretty danm well IMO.


Washed and then, Clayed, then orange Gen II pad with Revive and Machine Polish mix over entire truck and then hand waxed with Americana. I wasn't going for full correction as the truck really isn't that bad IMO. I've always taken good care of it. It just needed washed and the paint cleaned real well.




Another vehicle adamized... 3 more to go...:o


Edit: not sure why these look this grainy... They didn't look like this when I edited them in iPhoto...:( Needless to say... It looks better than the photos represent. :2thumbs:






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Make that white shine! I know what you mean about the pictures not doing justice, especially for white. I'm sure it's much better in person. When I did my Taurus, I had to sift through dozens of pictures to find only a handful that were able to capture the results.


Good job:2thumbs:

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Thanks guys... I drove into my garage last night to park the G8 and when I drove in I got this great smell of grape in my car... Hey... Them there wheel wells took A LOT of Under Carriage Spray... lol

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