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Lexus Wash through Americana


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Hey Friends,


Had the opportunity to fully detail my newer 2007 Lexus GS350. I bought it used with 22k miles on it about a month ago. The dealer's detailer reamed the surface with a wool pad and attempted to remove some wetsanding marks very much unsuccessfully. While I had to use another product and my Makita Rotary to remove those marks, the car was done in this fashion:


-Tires cleaned with APC, Wheels cleaned using Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner, Wells cleaned using APC and Boulder Blonde Fender Brush

-Washed with Adam's Wash via Foam Gun and Professional Wash Pad, Bucket, and Grit Guard, dried with a Gray (old version) drying towel.

-Clayed using Detail Spray and Blue Claybar

-Spot compounded using Makita Rotary, Edge Green Pad (Gen 1 system), and other product at 1500RPM

-Polished with Rotary using Fine Machine Polish and Scratch Remover combo on Rotary with Orange pad at 1300RPM

-Jeweled using PC and Fine Machine Polish with White UltraFine polishing pad at level 5

-Sealed using Super Machine Wax on PC with a Red Finishing pad on speed 4

-Hand Applied Adam's Americana

-VRT on Tires

-Metal Polish #1 & #2 on exhaust tips

-Brilliant Spray Glaze on Wheels
























**Disclaimer--Last pic taken after waking up early on the weekend to wash the car prior to the "water police" patrolling the area. Since I was on a roll, I never changed.

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Nick, you are a wild man!! Nice car, did you swap out the E500 for it? Looks beautiful, and thanks for your excellent write up my friend!:2thumbs:


I did indeed. While the E was a great car, the mileage was creeping up on it and we got out of it at a good time. Enjoying the new one thus far.


I was more than pleased with the results of the regimen, and couldn't help but share with the gang.


Thanks for all the kind words folks.

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