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Any Adams Detailers in OXford, Michigan?


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My brother just bought his first new car today and I'd like to know if there is anybody in the Lake Orion, Oxford, Michigan area that details cars. I'd like to have his car machine polished with Adams products.


I'm putting together an order of what I consider 'the basics' that he'll need to keep his new ride looking good.


First up on the list is the Adams Wash Trio (car wash, wash pad and towel) and a bucket w/grit guard.


Detail spray

Carpet & upholstery cleaner

VRT w/free tire applicator

Undercarriage spray

Micro towel 2 pack

Red applicator pads

Leather & Interior cleaner


What do you all think?



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My brother bought a Chevrolet Malibu. It's Black metallic with a dark brown and light brown interior. I know that does not sound like it would go together but it's absolutely beautiful and rich looking. I didn't have my camera with me and I'm out on the road again. I'm going to have my sister take some pictures and get them posted.


I was hoping to have someone go though 'all the pads' orange, white, black etc. and finish with some super machine wax. That would set him up for a year.

He does not have a PC or all the stuff, ( I live in another state and travel all the time) It would cost several hundred dollars to buy all that. One thing that needs to be understood is that that no matter how 'simple and easy' that using a PC and all that goes with it, there are people that do not want to.... or should not be allowed near a car with any kind of power tool, my brother is one of them. :lol::pc:


He might be OK with doing his car by hand, but when I told him about using a clay-bar to start with he kind-of freaked out and said :help:.


Thanks for the replies



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