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Dad's 66 Pony Car

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This is a big project. We bought this car last fall for my 77 yr old dad. The previous owner had started to replace a few body parts here and there and just couldn't get it right so he sold it to us.


The car had sat by my house for weeks with a price tag of $2000. My husband and I laughed and offered him $1500. He declined. Two more weeks had gone by and on my way to work one morning I noticed that he had dropped the price to $1000. I called my dad and told him to go over with $800 cash and offer it to him. The owner agreed. :loser: Sold!! He had no clue that we were the same family that offered him $1500 a few weeks prior.


We have been trying to work on this car off and on for awhile. We don't have enough hours in a day to really get rolling on it. We have totally gutted the whole car.


We took out the windows this past weekend and I had the joy of getting all the yucking sticky glue from around the window area. My husband welded the front part of the frame to the body. He also removed the front fender on one side because the last owner who was working on it didn't have the lines straight. :loser:


Here are a few pics. The car is covered in bondo dust from other jobs that have been done in the garage.






This is the fun stuff I was working on...




Then I grinded down to the bare metal:




I was having a hard time squeezing up through the windshield area :lolsmack:




Hard at work




My dad even crawled into the trunk to help




My hubby moving stuff around




Here is the floor he welded




As you can see, we have alot to do. I have purchased all new interior and we are changing the color of the car to the Diamond White Pearl like my Vette. Dad's interior will be red and white.


I can't wait to get it done so he can drive it.

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Thats awesome Teresa :rockon:



Keep us updated on the project, and I can't wait to see the end result.

I can't wait to see the look on my dad's face when he actually can drive it without sitting on the milkcrate that is in there now. :lolsmack:




I will continue to post pics as we continue this Mustang saga. :thumbsup:

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