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Silver Trailblazer SS


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Here are some photo's of my 09. I just finished a coat of Americana so I thought it was a good time to start a photo thread for it. :)


Stock the day I brought it home:




After round 1 of appearance mods and 3 coats machine wax and 1 coat Butter wax:






Now, after a coat of Americana. Sorry but the light was horrible (dark clouds coming in) and I wasn't using my good camera so these are noisy:






These last pictures just don't do it any justice. The paint is noticeably shinier, wetter and slicker than with just the Butter Wax. It is also has more depth than with just the buttery and pops.


Overall I am very happy with the Americana wax and absolutely in love the with applicator. It goes on easy, comes off good and gives great results. The only thing slightly negative (and I mean slightly) I noticed is that you do not want to put it on hot or even warm paint. I had recently drove about 1 mile and the hood was warm and it took forever and a couple doses of DS to get the wax off completely. The rest of the vehicle came off as you would expect a high quality paste to.


When I get some good light I'll shoot it right with my D300 and post back in this thread.

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Looks great. How long did it take?

All together? I don't know I did it over several weekends. The Americana was close to an hour though if that is what you were asking.


Playing with photoshop a little bit. The first picture the bowtie is gold the rest are black.

No photoshop edits in the posted pictures (other than tweaks for color/contrast), I replaced the ugly gold bowtie for a black one, black overlays for all SS emblems and made the black vinyl 'Trailblazer' lettering.


Now this is a ps edit of my next change, black rear valence:


Its not in the edit, but the plastic around hitch I am going to get smoothed and painted black as well.

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