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Junkman's Southern California Adventure!


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I just returned from my trip and mini vacation to southern California, my old stomping grounds from the 1980's. Needless to say, it's nothing like was in the 80's except for the weather which was perfect!


I was treated to the trip by Adam Pitale, the founder of Adam's Polishes. He wanted me to come out and attend the detailing clinic that he put on at the warehouse, as well as meet and greet the Adam's forum members who attended. Needless to say, his clinic was a total success. Here he is, doing what he does best and that is schooling folks on the proper way to take care of their paint's finish. I did a thread on it which you can find here.




But before we get to that, we have to take a look at all the other fun I got to have. I need to thank a couple of folks who helped make my trip a success and a blast at the same time.


First off, I want to give a big THANK YOU to DC forum member Roy and Mary Tsugawa (RKT ROY) for loaning me their 2001 Coupe for use while I stayed in southern California. Roy is a track fanatic and has his car setup mainly for track use. The track wear and tear showed on the car's finish and I offered in trade to bring his finish back to life for allowing me the use of his ride. Well Roy is now a happy camper because his Coupe is pretty again. As he dropped me off at the airport to leave, he told me that he plans on hitting the track again this weekend. :eek:


You gotta love a man who uses his Vette for what it was designed for! Here's a shot of Roy, Mary and I cheesing for the camera.




... and his fast Coupe after I fixed the paint for him (does it look familiar?). Check out this thread which shows the process I went through to get him shining again. :thumbsup:






Roy exemplifies what it is to be a Corvette brother, and a good person in general. His attitude toward life has blessed him with everything a man could want: health and happiness, and a very loving wife. Mary is a blast to be around herself as I found out in the short time that we got to spend together. I was blessed to meet the Tsugawa's and hope that they will feel free to call on me if there is anything that I can do. You only meet a very few individuals like this in life and may God continue to bless them as He has abundantly done so already. Here's to a darling couple, who's health and prosperity I pray will continue to grow for many, many years. :cheers:


One thing that I wanted to do while in California was to spend some time getting to know the founder of Adam's Polishes, Adam Pitale himself. I was not disappointed! I not only got to hang out with Adam, I also got to meet his lovely wife and darling baby girl. I even got to hold her myself, something you won't see too many hard core bachelors doing! :laughing:


Adam and I did the lunch on the beach at one of his old bachelor hang outs...




... and were later joined by his wife and daughter. Here they are huddled up for a family portrait:




Adam took his daughter down to the beach for her first ever experience with the Pacific ocean. I think she is still out to lunch on whether or not she liked it but after the water touched her feet for the first time, she pretty much was finished with that! :laughing:


Here's Adam trying to convince her that it really is fun...




She's thinking about it...




... but it starts to look like "homie don't play dat!" :lol:





Adam and I took some time for a classic shot on the beach before heading down to the warehouse to meet the guys who ship Adams's Polishes all over the world...




Once down at the plant, I met all the guys who make me happy to see the UPS man! Here's "Stevo" and the crew....




I also got to check out that sweet beast of a car that Adam is putting together. That puppy is going to be sweet! Check it out:




...and talk about attention to detail, he's had everything replated, rechromed, repaired, replaced, ridiculous! This is going to be one sweet ride!




Guess what is going to power this monster... :drool:




I can't wait to borrow that for one of my visits to Cali... uh... right Adam? :D :D :D



Any who, after hanging out with Adam and the crew, I finally headed down to San Clemente where I was staying with an ol' cop buddy of mine. We have since both left the force in search of a less stressful lifestyle but our cynical sense of humor has never changed. On the way down, I had to snap this picture of the first San Clemente exit. I have made the drive from L.A. to the Marine Corps base (Camp Pendleton) a million times and this exit use to always motivate me to wake up (along with those annoying reflectors in the road). Once I saw that Denny's, I knew I was close to home. So, I took a picture of it for the memories.




I got to do something that I have never done, even though I had lived in California for 10 years. That was, go to Disneyland! My Lord, if you have a queasy stomach, stay off this ride! It's a elevator that throws you up and drops you down at various distances. Oh man, I must be getting old because I couldn't get off that thing fast enough. Here's the kicker, Roy and Mary loved it! I have officially turned into an old fogey.




I got to see the man (or mouse) himself but I forgot to do a photo op! :willy:



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(Con't... )


Here I am with my friend of 20+ years, who always opens his house for me to stay in whenever I visit. What up Rob Dog!




... and his lovely wife Nicole.




Disneyland and those rides where too much for me. I won't be back!


Nicole and I always go shopping when I come to California. This visit was no exception. I had a hard time keeping my hands off the merchandise!




I also found a pair of pants that Mrs. Junkman would wear! :banana:




No trip to California would be complete without a stop at the In and Out Burger!






But there was no eating like the meal that Adam treated the entire Adam's crew to at the Ragin' Cajun Restaurant. Man, they know how to feed a brother!




One last cool happening that I experienced was when a fellow Corvette owner pulled up next to me to ask a question about his car. We pulled over to talk and he recognized me from a question that I answered for him! Talk about small world, what are the chances? It turns out that Ed (ED 718) is a forum member at DC! That was way cool! Here he is with his 2005 C6 Coupe, a very nice ride I might add. :thumbsup:






If you are not sleep by now, you will be if I keep going. Let's just say that I had a blast and I want to thank everyone who made it possible and who I got to meet. I can't wait to do it again! :thumbsup:


The Junkman

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Dang AJ... looks like you tore up the town... wish I had known you'd be hitting all the hot spots, I'd have been more than happy to tag along. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and I sincerely hope we get a chance to hang out again soon. You're definitely my kind of dude. :cheers:

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Dang AJ... looks like you tore up the town... wish I had known you'd be hitting all the hot spots, I'd have been more than happy to tag along. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and I sincerely hope we get a chance to hang out again soon. You're definitely my kind of dude. :cheers:


I'll be sure and let you know the next time I come to town. :thumbsup:

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Nice vacation!!!





What a blast!! :rockon::rockon: The pictures tell the story of what a great time you had.


Wonder what Roy thought when he saw you cruising out of his driveway with his Vette?? His Vette looks terrific. :rockon:


Disneyland. :rockon:


Adam and Family!! :rockon:


Seeing your old buddy.:rockon:


In & Out Burger...never had one but it sure does look yummmmy. smilybird.gif



I am glad to hear you had a great time. Now get back to work and quit slacking. :lolsmack:

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AJ, it was a true pleasure having you out my friend! What a blast. :rockon:


I should add a few things, and photos that were snapped with our camera. Luca eating sand, her new favorite food, and a shot when we were having lunch at Hennessy's.


AJ, it was a blast hanging with you in So Cal my friend:2thumbs:

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Man AJ we are all jealous! It is really a pleasure reading your postings because we can tell how much you enjoy what you do. Adam is a cool dude and as generous as they come. Thanks for all the entertainment and it is free for us!

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