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Detailed '08 G35s


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Hey Everyone,


Being it was a holiday weekend - I decided to take advantage of having access to our second car (since my Wife was out of town) and detailed our G35s over the weekend.


Steps Used:

1. Washed vehicle - Adams CW

2. Rinsed with CR Spotless

3. Clayed entire vehicle with Adams Clay and TONS of Detail Spray

4. Two passes with PC/Gen 2 Orange Pad and SHR

5. One pass with PC/Gen 2 White Pad and FMP

6. One pass with PC/Gen 2 Black Pad and MSW

7. Applied BW


Final Touches:

1. Adams new Window Cleaner (:glasses:) on all of the windows.

2. Tires with VRT.

3. Interior trim with VRT.


It was a lot of work, but definately rewarding - I think it turned out great.


The only negative was I went through a bottle of Detail Spray - I blame it on Junkman. :D For anyone that has had the privilege of watching him do his magic, you will quickly find out he must own stock in Detail Spray. :lol:


I snapped a few shots with my phone before I left for work this morning.











My little helper Sawyer - don't worry I didn't put any VRT on his tire. But I would be lying if I didn't say it crossed my mind. :banana:




Let me know what you think.



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