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Newbie to Adam's & the PC {Charger}



Hi all. Just wanted to say that I finally got my Adam's machine polishing setup (all 3 pads & polishes) of which Adam should consider making a "starter kit" like this:cheers:


Used it on 2 major projects.(2nd in another post) The first being my '69 Dodge Charger R/T show car that a poor excuse of a professional vinyl top installer f-ed up.

Small background on it...car was painted in '98 & a new top installed at the same time. I decided to change out the "incorrect at the time" top for a new correct top & enlisted the services of a "pro".

This "pro" royally screwed the paint on the car by trying to get off glue with a dirty rag & while the car was full of dust! The tops of the quarters had NO shine left on them.

After an Adams treatment (SHR & FMP) the show car was ready for duty again:2thumbs:





After...... (those arent scratches in the paint to the left of my hand...its actually a reflection of stuff on my garage wall!)



Heres what my baby looks like...



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So did you make it to Carlisle?


Chryslers @ Carlisle is coming up this July 9-12. I also just got word that my car was accepted to be displayed in the Retro Dealership this year as well!

I got a lot of detailing to do!


Thanks for the kind words Adam! Wow kudos from the man himself! :cheers:


PS---I am assuming Adam's will be at Carllisle this July hopefully :xfingers:

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