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Newbie to Adam's & the PC {Yukon Denali}



My second project was a friends '02 Yukon Denali. You have no idea how big one of these trucks is until you hand wash & clay bar it!


This truck (black of course) was seriously neglected for about 3 NY winters. Numerous brush car washes, salt & road grime.

Paint had severe swirls, scratches, chips, scrapes & gashes.


Took me about a day & a half of hard work but I & my friend were pleasantly surprised at the results. Granted there are still a few heavy & deep scratches/swirls but for the most part 80-85% of them are gone....


A few sample pics....


Hood before....



Hood after....



More damage....



Even got most of this out!!!!



Good from far ;)



The hood.....see the moon in there? ;)




The arsenal:cheers:



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Talk about a turn around, you did a great job on that car. I take it you used the MSW because of the black pad?


Thanks all. Yes to finish it off I used the MSW. I think I'd go crazy if I owned a black car!! No more than 10 minutes after I finished pollen was all over the truck giving it a nice green hue!!!!

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