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Finally, finally here!!!!

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Dont let them touch it!!! If you tell them not to they wont, i just bought a new silverado and i told them if they washed it i would not buy it.


When you get it home you need to clay it, FMP for any light swirls and top it off with some Americana :thumbsup: Thats what i did to my new truck and it looks SWEEEET




Oh and sweet car :lancer:

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The are only worried about the survey, just tell them you will mark it off as if they had done it. My dealer put up a fight the first time but now they know not to touch my vehicles :2thumbs::2thumbs::2thumbs:


Go back there RIGHT now and demand your vehicle, don't let those monkey's touch it!


BTW sweet *** car!

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Nice ride!


I'd tell them to keep those detail monkeys away from my car, especially if the paperwork is already done.


I had a bunch of work to do after the dealership detail monkeys sprayed petroleum oil, er, I mean "detailed" our new ride. Love the look of tire grease slung up all over the side of the car after your first drive - quality. :loser:

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Hey Congrats on the new SS!!!! Yeah....I hope they won't "detail" it FOR you..OMG. My dealer offers to WASH cars after an oil change...I say NOOOOOO -you cannot touch the paint


I took my TBSS for an oil change last week and they asked if I wanted them to wash it. I said no thanks, and he just kinda looked at me like a moron and said, "I better go stop em then, I think they already started.":loser:

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