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Flooding in Louisville -- Hope A.J. is OK


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Title of the thread says it all. It has been pouring down rain here (northern Cincinnati) all day long, and Louisville (about 70 miles west along the Ohio river) is getting clobbered even harder. The news says that Louisville has gotten about 10 inches of rain today and that there is quite a bit of flooding. The JunkCave is just a few miles from the Ohio River in the area where the flooding is supposedly taking place. I heard reports that the water is high enough that cars are under water.


Hopefully A.J. has been able to get to high ground ......

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I saw pictures on the news and it's scary. I hope it doesn't cause too much damage down there. We got hit in the Mississippi River flood of 93 and I will never forget how awful it was seeing your whole life under water. Hopefully the water in Louisville goes away quickly.

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The rain fell rapidly and overwhelmed the drainage capability in the area near A.J.'s neighborhood. His place should be high enough not to be directly involved, however, reports of the sewers backing up didn't sound good. Try going to wlky.com to see video/pics.

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First of all, thank you Todd for being thoughtful enough to start this thread. Secondly, thanks to all my buds on this forum who chimed in. Now for the scoop.


I was out fixing computers the evening before the storm. I had the top down on the Vette as it was a gorgeous evening. The morning that the storm hit, I had spent the night at that business trying to get them up and running. As dawn hit and the sky began to get lighter, a strange thing happened. The sky went to jet black, which I saw as a reason to get worried. I kept checking out the windows thinking that I didn't want my Vette going through a hail storm. Then the rain hit.


It came down like a typhoon. I hadn't seen it rain like that in years. I kept working for a couple of hours and once the sky lightened a little, I decided to make a break for home. I was about 10 minutes away.


A hour and a half later, I pulled into my garage. The city was in chaos. People were driving the wrong way down streets and cars were literally floating in the middle of the street. I had to zig-zag across the city trying to figure out how to get to my house. I finally found a street where the water only came up to the bottom of the car. I had to drive extra slow to keep the engine from sucking up water and locking up the engine. There were tons of people just standing in water up to their door knobs waiting for a tow truck.


I stayed home the entire day and the next morning, I was on a flight at 6:50 AM to Reno, Nevada to join the Adam's crew at Hot August Nights.


It snowed on the Reno mountains the next day. :willy:


The haunting weather has finally left me and things are a ton better here in Reno and the weather has finally gotten better. I'll be starting a new thread from Reno so look for it later tonight. I have a blister on my soft computer hands from doing demos but the Junkman is a-okay! :rockon:




Oh and yes Teresa, I still love yo' butt! :D

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