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3rd Annual Sturgis Mustang Rally, Sept 3-7

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We're going to have a booth at the 3rd Annual Mustang Rally this year.


This rally has grown quickly in its first 2 years, with the rally committee's goal for it to become the biggest Mustang event in the country. There are numerous events, including drag racing, autocross, poker runs, cruiser night, kid events, and more.


This rally is all about having a good time, and though this will be my first year attending, I've heard lots of good things about it. I'll be there with my wife & daughter, and we're all looking forward to having a blast.


More info on the rally can be found here: http://sturgismustangrally.com/


For those of you who attend, stop by the Adam's booth to say hi.


Hope to see you there! :burnout:

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The goal to become the biggest Mustang rally is within the next few years. They ultimately hope it becomes a full week long event like Bike Week currently is, and also are hoping it ends up bigger than Bike Week. This year they are expecting 500-700 Mustangs. Next year a few hundred more, and so on.


The Sturgis Mustang Rally is a family friendly event, and they plan on keeping it that way in years to come.


I'll have to look into the Bellevue Rally - may be one I need to put on the 'Need To Attend' list. :thumbsup:

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Looks like there were just over 800 cars this year, and they were a little disappointed, but figured that wasn't too bad with the economy the way it is.


Oh yea I didn't get a chance to go as I was gone. One of these years i'm going to though. Usually its 1200+ I think?

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Was in Sturgis for the rally last year. Believe they said they had over 700 there.

Have some great photos. But unfortunately they're in my home computer in Claif.

I had a really good time Everyone was very friendly.

Even at the drag strip, guys seemed to be helping the guys they had to race again.



Don't forget to see the "Crazy Horse" monument while you're there if you can. It's worth the trip.

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