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Speaking of Thank You's......

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I just wanted to say THANKS !! to the World-wide Crew from Adams' at the Grand Sierra booth at Hot August Nights..


I handed over my 37 Ford to them and they came through BIG ! The car was trashed from the drive up on Thursday over rain soaked freshly paved roads that left stains that defied description..

Adam took a hand in it to make sure it was up to his standards.. ( like THAT could ever happen ! :) ) but it was beyond MY standards, and better than I could have done on my own in a week !!


The staff was friendly, and seemed to be having a great time while workin their tails off.

Mark, sorry I never made it to Baldini's like I wanted to, but the size of this event overwhelmed us ! There was just not enough time to cover a fraction of what we wanted to do/see. Never made it over to Big Boy's Toys either... Next year ??? We will head up earlier in the week !


Thanks to Adam and the crew !!! You guys are outstanding !! :2thumbs:



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come on Dennis...you know the drill :glasses::lolsmack:


Yes, I do. SHAME on me !! I was in panic mode over the condition of my freshly detailed ride, :help: , and forgot the camera. It was also 7:00 am when I arrived and was more than my usual half asleep mode....


Color me LOSER.... :xfingers:

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Dennis great to hear you made Hot August Nights. The ride looks great as always. My Bosses husband was in Reno working on yet another new Hotel and called me to rub it in. He knew I was in Branson, Mo at Sheppard of the Hills for a show with a little over six hundred cars. He said I bet there are more here. Great Rod Dennis.

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No worries... Baldini's was a bust, you didn't miss a thing. I would be very shocked if they have an event next year after the mess they had going on there this year.


We're going to be setup at the Good-Guys show coming up in Pleasanton in a little over a week from now. If you or anyone else is going to be there stop on by the setup and say hello.



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