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The wife is catching on


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Ok so the other day i come home and my wife has the vette pulled out of the garage and her car pulled in taking up the whole thing.... im thinking to myself ut oh what did i do now :willy:so i hesitantly walk up to the garage to see my wife with a bottle of detail spray in one hand and a clay bar in the other, she looks and me and smiles and says "feel the car see how smooth it is now" :D...... i think i created a monster she actually followed that up with some americana and a once over with BSG. I came home the next day and she had the leather cleaner, leather conditioner and the carpet and upholstry cleaner out and was going to town on the interior.

We were laying in bed last night falling asleep and she asked me if i would show her how to use the PC I think im gonna introduce her to the junkman videos and heck i may even get her signed on here to talk with you guys :thumbsup:

Yesterday we were at a car show and she was pimping Adams products to everyone telling them how easy it is to put on and nice it was washing the car after she waxed it cause all the bugs just came right off.... I think Adam should hire her. :cheers:

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